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1. Does the wormhole extend to the outer spaces (parsecs) where the purple swirls are or does it lie on the one space (parsec) where the center of the wormhole is?

Answer: The wormhole is in the center - on one space (parsec) only.

2. May you move onto another starsystem with a flag on it and take that starsystem if there is no starship defending it?

Answer: Yes, there must be a starship defending its flag or it may be taken by just landing on it.

3. Do the colors of the fleets have to match the colors of the quadrants?

Answer: No, the colors of the fleets do not have to start on, or control its matching color quadrant.

4. Are the triangular spaces (parsecs) in the center of the universe all next (adjacent) to each other because they all touch at the center point?

Answer: Yes, they all connect and are adjacent to each other.


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