- a game of Galactic Conquest!

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Fleets… A Game of Galactic Conquest

Quick Start Rules


1. At the start of the game roll the dice, highest dice roll selects a Quadrant first. (See pages 2 & 3 of the Rule Book for Quadrants that you may choose for 2-6 players.)

2. Place your starships on any space in your Quadrant and your flags on all star systems in your Quadrant. (See pages 2 & 3 of the Rule Book for number of starships allowed.)

3. Roll the dice again; highest dice roll begins play, with other player turns taken from the left of the first player.

Phases of Play – each player completes the following 3 phases in order:

1. Building & Placement of New Starships

A. Star Systems – for every 5 flags on star systems you build 1 starship. (If you have less than 5 flags, then you still build 1 starship.)
B. Quadrants – in addition, for each Quadrant you control (have your stargate bases in ALL star systems within Quadrant) you will build 1 starship, except Alpha Quadrant which builds 2. (You are limited to 1 starship on each stargate base – otherwise you must place them next turn.)

2. Movement of Starships

Each moves up to 3 spaces in each turn. Only 1 starship is permitted on a space. Starships may move through spaces with starships of the same fleet, but not through spaces with enemy starships. If an enemy star system has no starships defending it then you may simply move onto the star system, remove the flag and replace it with your own. If the star system has no flag on it then move on it, place your flag and stay there for that turn. (Wormholes – a starship moving onto a space containing a wormhole is transported to the wormhole on the opposite side of the universe.)

3. Attacking Starships

Each starship may attack once per turn. Move your starships onto a space adjacent to (touching) a space with an enemy starship, roll the dice, highest dice roll wins, remove defeated starship from the board. If the defending starship was on an enemy star system then the Attacker may advance onto the space previously occupied by the defeated defending starship, the flag is removed and Attacker places its flag on the star system.