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Conquer the Universe with Fleets™!

Naples - A Naples, Florida Attorney/CPA may be the last person you would expect to create the next generation of board game - Fleets™, a game of galactic conquest…

"After studying in law school all day, I would come home to watch shows like Star Wars, Star Trek and the Honeymooners to relax… On the weekends, I would sometimes get together with my high school buddies and play games" said founder Anthony Listrom. "But I always wanted to play a simple, quick, futuristic board game where I would command my own fleet of starships and try to conquer the universe…"

It was back in 1987, that Listrom began throwing ideas for Fleets™ in a shoe box. "Fleets™ was first copyrighted in 1988 and has gone under at least 10 revisions in the last 15 years to make the board game an easy play," Listrom said. In 1999, Fleets™ had a major breakthrough when Listrom's then 8 year old son, Matthew, expressed interest in the board game and wanted to play it instead of playing video games. "I wanted him to have other interests in addition to video games, and have him communicate and interact with people and peers… so I altered the game board with an all new circular design to make it easier to get from one point in the universe to the other." Matthew was actually the one who thought of placing wormholes at different areas of the universe board so that you could get around the board even faster!

Fleets™ has been test played all over the country, including Big Kats on Airport Rd in Naples, FL and at ConQuest, a game convention in Fort Myers, FL.

Fleets™ allows 2-6 players, ages 10 to adult, to command a fleet of starships, moving to and capturing star systems, going through wormholes, attacking alien starships, building and placing new starships, and guarding your own star systems to conquer the universe. Play is simple and takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Fleets™ has one 20" x 20" game board of the universe, 6 sets of fleets, 6 sets of flags, 6 six-sided dice and the rule book. In total, Fleets™ has 420 starships and flags.

The easy-to-learn instructions make this game of interstellar conquest a blast for both novice and expert players" says Terri Hansen of Priority Marketing, a Fort Myers public relations firm. Other testimonials from players of the game include:

  • "An incredible game with vast potential. It is truly a gaming work of art", Marc Bickle age 19.
  • "A few minutes to learn, a lifetime to master", Harry Knight age 64.
  • "Rules were easy to follow, play flowed smoothly, you felt you had a chance to win till the end", Marie Ingram age 44.
  • "Great game…well thought out and a lot of fun!", Brian Wadya age 18.
  • "This is one of the best strategy games ever made!", Daniel Pinder age 21.
  • "Very good game, simple, yet strategic", Justin Schirmer age 19.
  • "I can't wait to play it again", Ron Howell Jr. age 14.

If you are interested in selling and/or distributing the game or need any other information, contact Fleet Games, Inc. by telephone at 239-775-7188, by fax 239-417-0405 or via web at www.fleetgames.com's affiliate section.

See us at the American International Toy Fair; Febuary 16th - 19th, in NYC at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center at Booth 6157 in the Game Zone.

There will be a Fleets™ Tournament at MegaCon in Orlando, FL - Febuary 28 through March 2, 2003.

As for the future, Tony has already developed 2 other space board games, supplements to Fleets™ and plans to take Fleets™ to the international level. "Get ready for fun and adventure!" Listrom said.